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Intel - Your Questions Answered

1. When was the first microprocessor invented. Asked by Ashleigh Walker, Lauren Tarczynski
.....Intel Microprocessor timeline.
.....Microprocessor history. Many links from this page will answer many questions.
.....How much was it? Asked by Jumpei Yoshimine

2. Who invented the first microprocessor? Asked by Anugraha Rajendran, Sasha Rector, Ashleigh Walker, and Jumpei Yoshimine.

3. How did they get the idea? Asked by Anugraha Rajendran

4. Why did they name it a microprocessor? Asked by Anugraha Rajendran

5. What happens when you press a key (3, +, =) on the keyboard? Asked by Lauren Tarczynski

6. What is the Prefetch Unit? What is the Decode Unit? Asked by Ashleigh Walker, Sasha Rector
.....Fetch and Decode exercise.

7. How fast is the fastest CPU in calculations per second? Asked by Jumpei Yoshimine

8. How did they make the calculation faster? Asked by Jumpei Yoshimine
smaller. metals. pipeline. parallel.

9. Why are microprocessors made with silicon? Asked by Ashleigh Walker, Sasha Rector

10. What was the computer brains before the microprocessor? Asked by Jumpei Yoshimine

11. What other things does the microprocessor do? How do you get it to work? Asked by Anugraha Rajendran and Rachel Hanna

12. What other electronic things have microprocessors? Asked by Anugraha Rajendran

13. Where is the microprocessor located in my computer? Asked by Ashleigh Walker

14. Why is the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, CA? Asked by Sasha Rector

15. How does the filtration system work and how can you have no dust in the cleanroom? Asked by Rachel Hanna

16. How do you enter the cleanroom without tracking in dust? Asked by Rachel Hanna

17. How did they know they needed a cleanroom? Asked by Rachel Hanna

18. What is AVI (AudioVideo Interleaved)? Asked by Lauren Tarczynski

19. What is BMP? Asked by Lauren Tarczynski

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