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Customizing Internet Explorer Header and Footer

The following information applies to Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0. This may be useful when providing printouts of web pages as handouts.

Internet Explorer uses codes to customize the header and footer. The following are the default settings in IE 5.5 and 6.0.

  • Go to File, Page Setup
  • The default codes are:
    • Header codes: &w&bPage &p of &P
    • Footer codes: &u&b&d

By single clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the dialog window and then single clicking on either the text in the Header or Footer field, a list of all the codes and their explanations will be listed. The following are a few of the codes:


Window title


Current page number


Total number of pages


Page address (URL)


Date in short format using the Control Panel's Regional Setting

Note the list states text following "&b" is centered; however, it appears one "&b" code splits a header or footer into two parts - left and right aligned.

So an interpretation of the above codes provides the following:

The Header codes are: &w&bPage &p of &P
left aligned "title" and right aligned "Page x of y" (# of total)

The Footer codes are &u&b&d
left aligned "Page address (URL)" and right aligned "Date"