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Use Cases for XAML Editor


  1. User starts application. Main menu is displayed with a blank text editor area. The build assist check box is checked.
  2. User selects category from the main menu. Sub menu is displayed where the main menu was located. User selects an element or category from the sub menu. If the user selected a category another sub menu is displayed where the sub menu was located. User selects an element from the sub menu. A sub sub menu is displayed with the element attributes and a column for the attribute values for the user to select (for discrete values) or enter (for variables). User selects desired attributes by checking the check box next to the attribute. The user selects (for discrete values) or enters (for variables) the desired values for the desired attributes. User clicks a button to insert the code with selected attributes with desired values. Cursor is displayed on a blank line between the beginning and ending tags and indented once.