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XAML Editor

by Larry Bell

Below is a link to the users guide and a chronological list of my software releases.

The newest releases are at the bottom.

XAMLEditor Users Guide
XAML Editor prototype (save, rename, and remove .txt)
Requires .NET Framework Version 1.1
XAML Editor second release 2-12-05 (save, unzip, and run)
Requires .NET Framework Version 1.1
XAML Editor third release 2-27-05 (save, unzip, and run)
Requires .NET Framework Version 1.1
XAML Editor fourth release 3-7-05 (save, unzip, and run)
Requires .NET Framework Version 1.1
  Features of my software are
  1. Fully customizable graphical layout preferences (menu bar size, 140 colors, 3 fonts).
  2. Menu, categories, and elements can be updated by the user within the program or by modifying the XML files.
  3. The elements can be updated just by downloading a new XML file. No need to reinstall the software.
  4. Pop up help (tool tips) for all buttons, controls, elements, attributes, properties, and data types.
  5. Status line keeps you informed throughout the program.
  6. It is free. I would appreciate any donations.
  The software on this web site is solely owned by Lawrence C. Bell, whom has all ownership rights to the software.
By downloading the XAMLEditor software you agree that
  1. You will not sell, rent, lease, barter, or trade the XAMLEditor software
  2. You won't reverse engineer the XAMLEditor software.
  3. You may use the software and are encouraged to make a donation.
  4. You must never claim that the XAMLEditor software is your work or property.
  5. All files in the original zip file must remain together and may not be used for any other purpose.
  6. You assume all risks while using this software. It is provided with NO warrantees or guarantees.

XAMLEditor fifth Release 9-6-05 installer is here

  This version does not have the .NET installation file due to server limits. Go to .NET Framework Version 1.1 to download dotnetfx.exe. Store it with the unzipped XAML Editor files in the downloaded package, then run setup.exe. If you already have .NET installed then run the XAMLEditorInstallationPackage.msi file instead of setup.exe

I am still working on the element data due to Microsoft's web site is not yet complete. Some elements won't work yet. When I get more done I will post it below.

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