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  Laridian - home of powerful and affordable Bible software for your Pocket PC or other Windows CE handheld computer.
  Azz Cardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) software
AZZ Cardfile
- a modern replacement for Microsoft Cardfile.exe. You can download a free copy and use it for free. I use it frequently. It allows me to create a rolodex type of card file to keep my information organized. I hope you try it soon, since I'm sure you'll like it too. The latest version allows you to install the software and data files on a flash drive, which is very cool.
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    My XAML Editor software
2. Site Builder
3. WinFX Software Developer Kit SDK 4. Tripod FileManager
5. 6. FreeForm Editor
7. Olympic National Forest and Lake Quinault Washington 8. Tripod Main Page
9. West Side Restaurants (Portland, Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro, Tigard)
10. How long until...?
How many days since/til/between...?
11. How long until Christmas?

12. What time is it?

13. Date

14. My Shortcuts

15. Funny stuff I think about

16. The College I attended.

17. HTML Hints Blog.

18. anomalous motion illusion

19. Blog Manager
20. kuichiga motion illusion
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